Toddler Meal Ideas

When my daughter started eating more and more solid foods, I found it hard to find meals for her with lots of nutrients and variety. She only has 6 teeth so she wasn’t quite ready for big meals but needed something more than purees and soft foods. I went to Pinterest but couldn’t find something exactly for the stage of eating she was at so I knew when I came up with some ideas I wanted to share them. Let me know if you try any of these or if you have more ideas for us to try!


  1. Scrambled eggs, blueberries, applesauce
  2. Kodiak Pancakes, banana
  3. Toast (avocado, cinnamon, peanut butter)


  1. PB&J, pineapples, avocado
  2. Turkey and cheese sandwich, strawberries, green smoothie (see recipe here)
  3. Chicken breast, pinto or black beans, yogurt


  1. Steak, quinoa, corn, broccoli (Luca LOVES this meal!)
  2. Chicken and cheese quesadilla, beans and rice, orange slices (halos are perfect size for her!)
  3. Soup (chicken noodle, vegetable, egg drop soup)

These are just a few of the meals Luca loves and I am planning on starting a series of meal ideas on my blog! We’re pretty lucky because Luca is a great eater and not very picky, she eats just about anything but fish! A fun way to spice up your meals is to get shape and letter cutters! I found these on Amazon!

I try and post a couple of Luca’s meals on my Instagram stories throughout the week! You can check it out for some more ideas!



We’re stuck inside because even though it’s April, it’s 30 degrees and snowing. (Spring, you’re a little late to the party!) WHICH MEANS, we are still fighting off colds and fevers. We’ve gone through about half a dozen packs of Boogie Wipes but finally things are looking up. I gave Luca the Zarbee’s Baby Cough Syrup + Mucus and it has worked like a charm! Now we are just waiting for the warmer weather to come around and get us outside for some fun!

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For now, we’ll keep cuddling, watching movies, and taking many, many baths! Is it still cold & snowing where you live?! xo

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Luca’s First Birthday

I started planning Luca’s first birthday party back in January, mostly because we were doing a lot traveling for the next two months and I wanted to be prepared. I wanted to make it so special and I am so glad I did. It was so much fun for everyone and I know one day Luca will be able to look back at the pictures and appreciate her first fiesta.



This was definitely the hardest part because there were so many fun options to choose from! I went to Pinterest and started pinning away! Ultimately, I went with a fiesta theme which was perfect because of our love of tacos and the new movie, Coco!



I decided to set a budget for the party decorations so that I wouldn’t go overboard! Luca loves balloons so most of the decor were confetti-filled balloons, letter balloons for her name, and a cactus balloon. I printed all the pictures from her first year of life and hung them all over the house with the help of my parents and sister! Little Mexican sombreros on each table tied it all together!




In case you haven’t figured it out by now, we have a real obsession with tacos. So naturally, we went with a full blown taco bar! The little signs my sister and I made were one of my favorite little details of the party. We wrote all of the toppings in spanish! Tacos are cheap and easy to make for a crowd, I got most of the ingredients from Aldi! I definitely recommend them for your next party!



We ordered the cupcakes and Luca’s smash cake(which was free, score!) from our local bakery, Betty’s! I found this confetti letter tutorial on pinterest to make the cake topper! It was the perfect finish on the cutest cactus cake!


I cannot believe our baby girl is already one! This past year was so happy and full. Here are some more of my favorite pictures from the night, enjoy!





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Cactus Ballon – Amazon
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